Lajan Slim




A roller coaster like journey reaching new heights, Lajan Slim is 6HUNDRED Entertainment/Def Jam’s new future star following the success of his breakout single “Haitians.” Enjoying thousands of streams across various platforms and over half-a-million views for its visual adaptation, Complex gave the single praise when it dropped in January. Originally from Miami, he found himself attracted to the arts earlier on in his childhood. “When I was around five or so years old I started to become fascinated with creative things around art,” said Lajan which also means money in Creole. “I was into drawing, dancing and all of the performing arts.”


His long going hustle paid off when he earned his first local hit “Quik Pik.” Named after the corner store located around the neighborhood he grew up in, the single spread like wildfire due to word-of-mouth. Radio stations and deejays between Orlando and Miami started noticing his growing movement. However, “Haitians” would put him on a national platform a year later including looks on XXL’s up-and-coming artist segment The Breaks and annotation giant Genius. Meanwhile Hip Hop heavyweights Drake, Meek Mill, Pusha T and Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon have all been singing the praises of Lajan.


As the newest addition to the 6HUNDRED Entertainment/Def Jam roster, he hopes to build on the label’s legacy. “They appreciate my work and understand me,” he discussed. “They’re helping me live out my dream. It’s a real good feeling because I see myself being iconic.”

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax