If you caught his episode of Rhythm Roulette—or that Drake song “God’s Plan”—you already know Cardo Got Wings is nice with the beats. “I gotta work with him,” Payroll Giovanni says of the Minnesota-born producer. “He killin’ it.” If you’ve been paying attention to Detroit rap you already know and the Doughboyz Cashout wave of which Payroll is an integral part. “They came out like the new Hot Boys,” says Cardo of PG. In 2016 the two connected to make the dopeboy-centric project ‘Big Bossin Volume 1’ and quickly set the streets on fire. Late last year they announced a joint venture with Def Jam and pulled up to MASS APPEAL HQ to talk about how they linked up and their latest project, ‘Big Bossin Volume 2.’ This episode of Open Space is a must watch.



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